The Project & Us

Welcome to Así traducían [So they translate], the professional translation project of a team of Spanish final year Translation graduates at the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. If you want to meet them, click here.

Así traducían commenced as a collaborative academic project, and is developing towards a startup translation services venture. As we write here, we will be demonstrating our planning and understanding of what a translation company requires in terms of  management of workflow and dealing with clients.

Our Service

Our services include translation from English and French into Spanish, from Spanish to English, as well as proofreading Spanish texts. We also revise automatic translations, and are able to assist with composition of Spanish language content.

We are specialised in Humanities texts, covering key areas such as History, Tourism and Music. In addition, we work with news media and journalistic sources, and translate legal and administrative texts.

If you are interested in our services you are welcome to write us
an e-mail to ellastraducen@gmail.com or submit the online form listed below:

 Así traducían is an academic project, which means that all our services are free. However, we are required to follow the standard procedures and calculate the estimate of our work costs.

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